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Know about the latest innovations, understand the finer aspects of finance, see how history is made at the global scale and stay in touch with an India in ascendancy!

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Sometimes you may just want to read the stories top to bottom. Well, we have you covered… with a twist!

Our web stories are written with detailed analyses, peppered with charts and trivia and annotated with dependable sources.

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  • Summachar has quickly become my go-to news portal for their succinct, context-rich and well-researched coverage of national and international developments. I especially enjoy their superb explainers on foreign affairs and scientific research, something that's often missing elsewhere. I highly recommend the Summachar app not only for the curious, discerning reader, but also as a supplementary resource for UPSC aspirants.

    Rajat Ubhaykar

    Bestselling Author, Truck De India

  • Being an avid investor, I discovered Indian Energy Exchange through a story on Summachar. I eventually ended up looking up more on the company and investing in it. Thanks for doing stories which matter :-)

    Dhiresh Nagwani

    Sr Product Manager, Microsoft

  • Summachar has become a daily habit for me. I enjoy the quality content that sharply showcases the most relevant aspect of a recent event, along with historical facts and better context. Also, I love their IG posts, keeps me updated and easy to share the news with friends.

    Jessiedna Araújo

    Associate, Kalaari Captial

  • Summachar provides necessary evidence and information in a crisp and succinct manner and still enough to eliminate any obscurity related to a vast array of issues and themes. The topics covered by Summachar range from national politics to trade and from international relations to science. Summachar has not only been a source of news but also a good repository of information.

    Vikrant Pande

    Faculty (Political Science), Ramnarain Ruia College

  • I have been following Summachar since its early days. And I only find it getting better with time. I love its straightforward and holistic reporting of the most relevant pieces of news. They discern between facts and opinions, and do the job of informing all sides of a story while being precise!

    Shikha Shah

    Founder, Altmat

  • It is a very well curated website, which gives its users the perfect platform to enhance their general knowledge. It saves time and effort as everything can be found at one place. It provides you with both the crux of the matter and the whole elaborated, intricate study as per your need and convenience!

    Sana Khubchandani

    IIM Ahmedabad

  • Summachar is my daily diet of relevant news and trivia, that is crisply analyzed and served in an engaging format. I am a visual learner and have found their Instagram posts to be immensely helpful in my quiz preparation on current affairs. I love their thought-provoking content, great presentation and that enjoyable "Sunday Super Quiz". Keep up the good work, Team Summachar.

    Debajyoti Adhikari

    International Quizzer representing India

  • In the era where news media is overwhelming us by the massive amount of content, Summachar comes to our rescue. With Summachar I am not drowning in the flood of information, their content is very precise and relevant. I am up to date without wasting any time.

    Swetali Nimje

    AI Researcher, Aix-Marseille University

  • I've come to know Summachar during this lockdown. The facts are crisp and nicely curated and the infographics are both highly relevant and eye-catching. The Sunday quizzes are lovely and one can really feel the adrenaline rush while attempting it. The format of quizzes and posts are really amazing and set a benchmark as to how the quizzes should be. I really recommend attending the quizzes and subscribing the newsletter.

    Sameer Patro

    AIIMS Delhi

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